untitled2On Thursday 9th September, the TY’s had their first four classes of P.E. of the year. In this class we had a fashion show, with all the clothes having to be made
out of rubbish. We were split into groups and given an assortment of litter, which included cardboard, tissue, tinfoil, cones and bin bags. Our group’s model  was Kajus and we began by dressing him in a bin bag dress and  tinfoil shoes.We then put two cones on the dress and put a tissue sash on him. To Finish our look, we cut out two fairy wings from cardboard and stuck them on his back with tape. After that, our model was ready to take the runway  and with some music and an introduction, he made his way down it. The judges scored our outfit 16/20 and we were happy. The Fashion Show was a great success and it was a good way for our year to bond.