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Paired Reading/ Léitheoireacht Beirte

As part of our Irish class, we were asked to participate in a paired reading project in association with the SVP. The project was organised through Mr. McGlynn and it consisted of  a group of TY students going to the... Continue Reading →


“Of Mice and Men”

The novel that I studied for English was called Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. The classic novel is set during the Great Depression near Soledad, California in America. It follows the two protagonists on their futile search for the American dream... Continue Reading →

Maths Relay Quiz

A maths relay quiz took place for periods four, five and six on the 26th of October for all third year students. Our TY class  were involved with the organization and preparation of this relay quiz. This quiz took place because our school wanted... Continue Reading →

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