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Home Economics

We began our fourth and final module, Home Economics, after the Mid-Term Break. Our teacher for H.E. was Ms. Flynn. In this module, we were given the opportunity to learn how to cook as we were told that it is an... Continue Reading →



Our second module was woodwork and we began it after the the Halloween Mid-Term. Mr. McGlynn was our teacher. The task we were given was to complete the previous class groups projects, Wooden TY Clocks.This involved taking wooden letters and... Continue Reading →


Our third module was metalwork and we began it after the the Christmas Break. Mr. Kennedy was our teacher. In this module, the task set out was to make a handmade copper wire bracelets. In order to make the bracelets, we needed... Continue Reading →


Our first module this year was Art and it very enjoyable. The teacher we had was Ms. Kelly. The project we partook in consisted of making your own scrapbook. We began our project by coming up with a design and once... Continue Reading →

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