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The Issues with Cloning Animals

Recently in religion, we have been looking into the morality of animal and from this our teacher asked us to write a post on "the negative issues with cloning animals". I found this very interesting and from my research I... Continue Reading →


Paired Reading/ Léitheoireacht Beirte

As part of our Irish class, we were asked to participate in a paired reading project in association with the SVP. The project was organised through Mr. McGlynn and it consisted of  a group of TY students going to the... Continue Reading →

Digital Media

In digital media class, we learned a lot about different types of media such as film, photography and the web. I found this very interesting and enjoyable as it was something new and different. We did multiple things during this... Continue Reading →

“Of Mice and Men”

The novel that I studied for English was called Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. The classic novel is set during the Great Depression near Soledad, California in America. It follows the two protagonists on their futile search for the American dream... Continue Reading →


As part of our music class, Mr. Cronin wanted to give us an opportunity to learn different musical instruments. This included the drums, keyboard and ukulele. I found this fun and interesting as it was a good experience. The first... Continue Reading →

Home Economics

We began our fourth and final module, Home Economics, after the Mid-Term Break. Our teacher for H.E. was Ms. Flynn. In this module, we were given the opportunity to learn how to cook as we were told that it is an... Continue Reading →


Barcelona is the capital city of  Catalonia, a region in the north east of Spain. It is also the second most populated city in Spain after Madrid, with a population 1.6 million within city limits. It is also the largest metropolis... Continue Reading →


On Thursday the 30th of March, all Tys attended a musical in the Grand Opera House, Belfast. The trip was organised through our drama and theatre teachers as they wanted to give us the opportunity to see a production that was... Continue Reading →

Career Investigation

In Personal Development, we were given our third project by Ms.Dillon. The project was called "Career Investigation" and it involved researching courses and checking requirements. I began my project by looking into my interests and I did this by doing an assessment... Continue Reading →

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