Day One:delphi-1

We left for Delphi early on Monday morning and we reached it 4 hours later at 1 pm. We began our time in Delphi by being placed into our activity groups, I was in group one. After that we got our room keys and went to get ready for our
first activity. Group 1’s first activity was surfing and our instructor was Paul. We got a bus to the beach, however, the road was flooded so we had to get changed and walk through the water to the beach. We then got our boards and went in surfing, it was great fun! After surfing, we got our dinner of burgers and chips and then went on a long walk through the hills. After that, we went to bed.

Day Two:

delphi-3We started the second day of Delphi at 07:45 and got our breakfast. We then met up at the adventure hub and went to our first activity of the morning which was high ropes. High Ropes was great fun as we got to cross a rope high up in the trees and do a leap of faith. After, we also did it blindfolded and I was happy because I was able to do it. We then got a lovely lunch of soup and rolls and prepared our gear for kayaking. Kayaking was my favourite activity as it was the most fun because we played games such as scorpion. Then we got dinner and did some energising games!

Day Three:

delphi-2This was our last day of Delphi and we had our final activity of archery and climbing. We started with climbing and we were taught how to safely use the ropes. Then we went to archery and we were taught how to shoot an arrow. After everyone had tried it, we split into teams and had a competition. The other team won by over 500 points, at least we tried. When archery was over, we rushed to lunch so we could get home for results.