download (2)As part of our Irish class, we were asked to participate in a paired reading project in association with the SVP. The project was organised through Mr. McGlynn and it consisted of  a group of TY students going to the local Gaelscoil and reading both an Irish and English book with one of the school children. The project began on Thursday the 23rd of March, where we were given a short introduction and instructions on how we were to go about the paired reading.

After this, we were given our pairs and I was paired with a girl called Codie. Once this had been completed and everyone had a pair, we began reading. This consisted of us alternatively reading a page each with both an Irish and English book. We read each book for ten minutes and once we were done I would give a specific amount of homework, for example I gave her 7 more pages to read.

Overall, this was very beneficial and enjoyable for both Codie and myself as she was improving her reading skills and I was improving my Irish. I also felt that it was enjoyable because I got to read some interesting books and also build a relation with a younger student. It was a great success and I think if given the opportunity I would do it again.rrrrr