fffffOn Monday the 8th of May and Tuesday the 9th of May, the TY’s had a law course. The course was run by a man called James Fahy, a Barrister from Galway. The course was held over two days with first day being held in the Mercy Hall and the second day being held in the Ballyshannon courts. The course was very interesting and educational as it was filled with useful information.

On the first day, James covered  The Irish Legal System, Civil law and the courts system. He spoke about how to become a solicitor and barrister and how they worked. For example, Solicitors go to Blackhall university in Dublin and are allowed to represent without a barrister in the district court. We also learned that 18 is the age of the majority. He told us about the courts, including the District Court, Circuit Court, High Court, Court of appeal and Supreme Court. He told us these were all based on money and severity. We learned Civil Law were courses based on moneys not on years in prison. Lastly James chatted to us about the different cases he had covered and this was very interesting.

On the second day, we covered crime and we prepared for and did a mock trial. I found crime fascinating as everything was based on time in prison and the cases were a lot more interesting. For example, we talked of numerous cases that included murders, burglars and rapists. After we had finished crime, we prepared for the mock trial. Solicitors, Barristers, judges, witnesses, the accused and jury members were selected. Once that was done the mock trial began, I was part of the jury. The trial was about a murder and the accused was claiming self defense. By the end, the jury had not come to a conclusion as the votes were spread six to six, so another trial would have to been held.

Overall, I found this course very good and I learned a lot. I also found out that I have no interest in  following law as a career, however, I would still recommend it for TY’s next year.