fffffAs part of TY, a trip abroad was organised to Barcelona, Spain. The trip was amazing and it was very enjoyable. I learned a lot and had many new experiences.

I began my preparations a week prior to departure. I packed my bags and made sure I had everything up to date. On Sunday the 30th of April, we left the New Hall at 12AM and were now on route to Barcelona. We arrived at Dublin Airport at 3AM and collected our passports and tickets from our teachers. We then made our way through security and wondered through Duty Free. After that, we checked the board for our gate number and then headed in that direction. We boarded our plane at 6AM, the flight lasted about 2.5 hours and we reached our destination at 9:30AM CETZ. After the arrival, we got on a bus and enjoyed a full day sightseeing tour of the beautiful Barcelona. During this tour, we saw numerous monuments and landmarks including the La Sagrada Familia Exterior, The Gothic Quarter and Cathedral and the Casa Mila. I found this tour very interesting as I felt it truly immersed us in the Catalonian culture. I also enjoyed seeing all of Gaudi’s works a and wondering through the maze of old narrow  because I fount the intricate architecture very interesting. After the tour, we went to the aquarium and I saw many different fish. I did not find this very good as it was too busy. We went to the hotel after an exhausting first day, had food and went to bed.

The next day, we woke up early and headed into Barcelona for a self-guided tour of Camp Nou Stadium. I found this was okay as I personally have no interest in football. After, we went back to Las Ramblas and got lunch. Then, at 3 o clock, we took a cable car to the top of Montjuic Mountain. The trip took us on a 750-metre-long trip above the city. It was very enjoyable seeing the bird’s eye views of the entire city as you climb up towards Montjuïc Castle. Once we had reached the top, we wondered around the castle grounds and took in the marvelous views. After that, we descended and headed back to our hotel. We then had dinner and went to our evening activity of bowling. I found that I was shocking at bowling and struggled to get pin down.

The third day we went to Portaventura, a park filled with exhilarating rides, magical parades and exciting shows. The first ride I went on was the Furious Bako and I found it terrifyingly brilliant. I then went on The Shambala , which turned out to be our favourite ride. Then, we made the mistake of going on the Tutuki Splash and we got absolutely soaked. We had lunch and relaxed a bit, until finally going on the rest of the rides. These included the Dragon Khan, El Diablo and The Stampida. I found Portaventura great fun and I would definitely return.

On our final day, we went to the port and wondered around the shops. Then we went on a boat trip and saw the city. After that, we headed to the airport. We arrived in Dublin at 11 O’Clock and then home at 2AM. By this time we were exhausted as we’d had little sleep and the busy days.

Overall, this trip was great fun and I would go on another without doubt. It was both character building and fun.

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