In digital media class, we learned a lot about different types of media such as film, photography and the web. I found this very interesting and enjoyable as it was something new and different. We did multiple things during this class including making these WordPress sites, some photography and looking into film.

WordPress Site

I enjoyed creating, developing and maintaining this website on WordPress because it was very educational and satisfying. It was also very beneficial as I gained many new skills, including my IT skills. For example, I now have the ability to set up a WordPress account, layout a website, set up a navigation menu using categories and  add media to my posts. This website also taught me to persevere as I had to continue maintaining blog and make sure it was up to date.ttt.PNG


We also learned a lot about photography in this class, from angles to positioning to filling the frame. We were taught a lot about the angles of photography such as close-up shots, shots from below and shots straight on. I found this interesting because it showed me how different shots can portray different things. For example, it you take a photo from above, it makes people feel more superior. We also learned about the rule of thirds and how we should position the focal point of our  in the third point of the grid. Lastly, we were told about filling the frame as if you show to  much of the background, it can take away from the main thing you are shooting.rrr


We covered filming on our course also and this consisted of learning how to make story boards and from there how to create a film. Storyboards are a grid in which you draw out a piece of paper which essentially tell a story, through the pictures you draw n each individual square. We were also shown how to make a film and the different shots required. For example, we were told how the opening shot should set the scene and hook the audience.


Thoughts and Opinions

Overall, I enjoyed this class and am happy that it was part of the curriculum. I learned a lot about media and IT and I will definitely use what I learned in the future.