ggg.jpgAs part of our music class, Mr. Cronin wanted to give us an opportunity to learn different musical instruments. This included the drums, keyboard and ukulele. I found this fun and interesting as it was a good experience.

The first instrument, I got to play was the snare drum and this consisted of him teaching me a beat and playing it along with a song in the background. He showed me how to hold the sticks ( you crossed your arms) and and also the exact way you should beat the drum. I found that I was okay at the drum, however, I don’t think it was the instrument for me. Secondly, we were taught the keyboard as a class. We were only shown 4 notes, but I still managed to get confused as I found that there were to many buttons. I found this great craic and was proud that by the end I could at least play 3 notes confidently. Lastly, we were given the chance to learn a couple of notes on the ukulele. I thought this was very difficult as my fingers refused to bend in the way that they should. I also wasn’t very good at strumming, however, I still had good fun as there was a couple of us struggling.

Overall, this was a great experience and thoroughly enjoyed. I found it interesting looking and playing the different instruments.