55555.jpgWe began our fourth and final module, Home Economics, after the Mid-Term Break. Our teacher for H.E. was Ms. Flynn. In this module, we were given the opportunity to learn how to cook as we were told that it is an essential life skill. In total, we have learned how to cook four different dishes including pizza, bacon risotto, a pasta dish and lemon cake. I found this very enjoyable as you got to eat the food after.

The first dish we made was pizza and this included making the base from scratch, preparing the toppings and cooking it in the oven. Our pizza turned out superbly as we had added extra cheese, ham, sweetcorn and peppers to it. The second dish we made was bacon risotto, I found this the most enjoyable to make as our class was very small and it was good craic. The risotto contained bacon, onions, peppers, garlic and rice and it tasted great. Next, we learned how to cook a pasta dish with bacon, chorizo and tomato sauce. This was my least favorite dish as I am not a fan of tomatoes, however, I still enjoyed learning how to cook it. Lastly, we were given a recipe for lemon cake as we had been asked to cook for the bake sale in aid of SVP. The lemon cake turned out great, however, we did not get to taste it as it was for the sale.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this module and thought it was very useful as I got to improve on basic life skill, cooking.