As part of TY, we have to do two weeks of work experience. The second week took place between the 3rd and 7th of April. For my work experience, I organized a job with the Irish Surfing Association. Irish surfing is the National Governing Body for the sport of surfing in Ireland. They are a voluntary organisation and they represent surfing in many forms. The headquarters are situated in the Easkey Surf and Information Centre, Co. Sligo and it was I here I was working with the development officer, Zoe Lally. I found working here very beneficial and enjoyable.

87.jpgDay 1-Monday 13th of February

I arrived in Easkey at work at 9 AM and I met with the development officer Zoe Lally. She began by showing me around the facilities and introducing me to the other members of staff. Then, she showed me the filing system and computerized database.  After a demonstration she set me on my first task, to file a hard copy and a computerized copy of the new surf instructors into both the filing cabinet and online  system. I did this for about 5 hours and then we had lunch at 14:00. For lunch, I went to Zoes house as she was also putting me up. Lunch lasted an hour and then we went back to the office. I was then given the task of calculating the points for the Irish Junior Tour based on results of the previous competition. I did this on excel and I learned a lot. We finished work at 17:00. Overall, I enjoyed my first day working with Irish Surfing.

Day 2- Tuesday 14th of February

Once, again I began work at 09:00 and was given my first task, researching a new computerized heat system for use in surf competitions throughout Ireland. I found this very interesting as I compete in surfing quite often. After the research, I e-mailed a man for more information. Then, it was time for lunch, we ate in the office so, I only had a 30 minute lunch. After lunch, I filed more new surf instructors into the database and filing cabinets. I did this for about 2 hours and I  finished at 16:30. This day was very educational and it improve my IT skills significantly.

Day 3-Wednesday 15th of February

I began work at 9 AM and was given the task of typing up information on the different surf schools across Ireland. Once I had completed that, I had to look through each schools staff and make sure they had been vetted and had the surf instructor. This involved lots of different spreadsheets and searching. I did this for the whole day as we were working on a deadline. We finished work at 16:00. I found this day very good as I enjoyed seeing an insiders view of a surf school.

Day 4-Thursday 16th of February

I was once again back to work at 9 AM, I was in the office for the morning and was asked to do photocopying for a course on the next weekend. Once, that had been complete, I got the sheets together and made booklets. I also had to use a binder for the first time and after a couple of times, I found that it was easy. After binding and preparations for the course were done, I had my lunch. Then I filed some more surf schools into the system. I finished earlier today at 15:00 as Zoe had to go into Sligo, so she left me to surf. I found this good as it gave me a new perspective into professional surfing.  I found today beneficial as I learned many new skills.

Day 5-Friday 17th of February

I started work at 13:00 and was asked to help make reminders about a competition on at the weekend. Also, I helped write up the heat sheets for the weekend. Then we had lunch. After that, we began preparing the judging van for its trip down to the competition in Lahinch. I found this good. After, I began packing my bags and at 17:00, we were on our way to Lahinch.

Thoughts & Opinion

I thought that this work experience was very beneficial as I was given a range of different jobs in the IT sector. This ranged from  administrative duties, computer work and binding. As you can see, I learned a lot and it was an overall, excellent experience.