tttOn Thursday the 30th of March, all Tys attended a musical in the Grand Opera House, Belfast. The trip was organised through our drama and theatre teachers as they wanted to give us the opportunity to see a production that was high quality and filled with great performances. The musical chosen was called “Wonderland” and it was a contemporary retelling of the classic Lewis Carroll tales,  “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”. It lasted about 2 hours and it was an overall captivating performance.

The play begins with a strong performance by Alice singing “Worst Day”. This leads into her wishing she didn’t live in the real world and then following  her  loquacious daughter down the rabbit hole into wonderland. This is where their adventure begins and they meet the various characters of the show including the mad-hatter, caterpillar and rabbit. With each of these encounters Alice learns what she must do, walk through the looking glass. In doing this, she realises how she can’t run away from who she is and decides to return to the real world  changed women.

As you can see, the plot was enthralling and this was improved by each individual portrayal of the different characters. For example Ellie (Alice’s daughter) was perfectly suited to her role as both her child-like physicality and comedic flare created an endearing character. Another, character who I felt added to the show was the mad hatter as her vivid performances and strong vocals were both refreshing and engaging. Evidently, the characters played a major part of the production and they furthered both your emotional and physical experience of the performance.

The production exhibited in wonderland was above par, especially the visual design. It was both bewitching and vibrant as through the integration of video projections and LED lights dancing around a three-dimensional whirlpool backdrop, the otherworldly setting and atmosphere of Wonderland was inevitably captured. This added to the whole experience and I found it made it mor inviting for you to join in the adventure.

Overall, I found this experience thoroughly enjoyable and interesting as I was captivated from beginning to end.yyy