63412436fa0c8915e68387fd73b6ec5bOn Wednesday the 29 of March, the TY’s took part in a jiving workshop. It was very fun and interesting. The workshop began at 11:05 and lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes. It took place in the Mercy Hall and included many different jigs, reels and dances.

We began the day by learning a couple of different line-dances. I found this beneficial as it was a good introduction and it made everyone loosen up. After this, we moved onto some partnered dances such as the jive and clap dance. Theses were both fun, especially the clap dance as my partner, Katie, and I had good fun trying to learn the intricate moves of the dance. Once, all the dances were learned, we did them all out in full and it looked very good.

As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and I felt that it improved my dance skills and confidence. It also was a good surprise as I did not think I would have enjoyed.Overall, it was a very beneficial workshop and was good craic.dancers7