In Personal Development, we were given our third project by Ms.Dillon. The project was called “Career Investigation” and it involved researching courses and checking requirements.

I began my project by looking into my interests and I did this by doing an assessment on My results showed to me that I was most interested in the sciences followed by business. I did not find this very surprising as I enjoyed both science and business in junior cert. Also, it helped me make a decision on what career path I would like to follow, physiotherapy or accounting.


There are only four courses across Ireland (UCD, Trinity, UL, the Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland) that offer physiotherapy to an undergraduate. The courses are all in high demand meaning that to get in you must achieve very high points in your leaving cert, approximately 545 points and above. I am most interested in doing physiotherapy in UL as I have previously been to the campus and I thought it was very nice. Also, I like where it is situated as it is on the west coast. The requirements of this course are that you must do a third language and a science. The course lasts for 4 years and involves both practical and written work. If I do not get the points you can do multiple other courses with lower points that can lead on to physiotherapy such as a bachelors degree in sports and exercise science. There is also an option of doing physiotherapy in Jordanstown which is in the north and they accept people with points above 400


Tffffffhere are numerous courses across the country that offer accounting meaning the points can vary quite drastically. Majority of the courses require a third language and highly recommend doing accounting in leaving cert. The colleges that seem to have good accounting courses are DCU and NUI Galway. Both courses last for 3 years and recommend points higher than 450 points.


I found investigating the different careers very interesting and it helped a lot with my subject choice. It was also educational and I learned a lot about different careers. I  have decided to keep on french, biology, accounting and physics on top of the 3 required as I feel dddd