photoOn Thursday the 16th of March, all TY’s had a disability awareness talk in P.E. class with Richard Alcorn a member of Donegal CIL. It was a very interesting and educational talk as it was full of very useful information from how to treat someone with a disability to the lifestyle of someone with a disability. I also enjoyed it as it was done from the perspective of a person with a disability.

He began by speaking about the language and gestures we should use when around a disabled person, as some of things we do can be very insensitive and offensive. For example, we should never call someone in a wheelchair handy-capped or ever grab a blind person without asking prior if they would like help. He also chatted to us about the large range of different disabilities, which can be both physical or mental. He spoke about bi-polar, wheelchair users and many other kinds of disabilities. Following this, he began speaking of his own problems and how his lifestyle differs from ours. He spoke of how he used to fully rely on a PA (Personal Assistant) and of the different things he was now unable to do. He finished the talk by telling us about the organisation he was a member of, Donegal CIL. He told us about how they support and empower disabled people to achieve independent living and to actively participate as equal citizens by having choice and control.

This talk was very good and it was a great experience as it has now made me more aware of people with disabilities and how you should treat them a normal people. Overall, it was very beneficial.vvv