6666On Monday the 13th of March, the Ty’s had a talk in room 8 from the Head of technology in Citibank for Ireland and Europe Loretta O’Donnell. She spoke about her life and the different careers in technology.

The talk began at 13:45 and lasted 40 minutes. Loretta talked to us about how she got to this place in her life and career. She included information about her school, past jobs, travel and what she does now. This was very interesting as she told us how she was one of the only women in technology. She also spoke to us about the different sectors in technology and what courses you should do in college. Lastly, she spoke to us about the pay and how she had the ability to still do this high power job, even though she had five children.

Overall, this was a very beneficial talk and it made think about going into a career in  technology in the future.yyyyy.png