ggOn the 4th of March, our class took part in the TY All-Ireland Drama Competition in the Mullingar arts Centre in West Meath. We took part in this competition as part of our Drama and Theatre Class. We chose a play by Don Zolidis called “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”. We got to the All-Ireland through the qualifier in Mullingar on he 24th of January.

We began preparations for this play in late December and we were given our  parts soon after. Initially, I was given the role of “Granny”, an elderly lady who got eaten by the zombies, however, there were many unable to make the final so I was given another role of “Zombie 1”. Though, both of these parts were small, they injected a comedic aspect to the play. I also, had to learn a couple of lines for my new part, which I found interesting. The play now consisted of 10 people with Eimear Gilroy, Katie Slevin, Diarmuid Ryan and Diarmuid McFadden playing the protagonists of the play. We had only the week prior to the competition to rehearse, so it was very stressful.

The competition took place on a Saturday and the bus left at 7 AM. We arrived at the Mullingar Arts Center early, as we were the second act on of fifteen. We put on our costume and make-up and at 11 AM, we took the stage.The play went smoothly and everyone acted immensely. After our performance, we were all very cheerful and once we were out of costume we left to go home. We stopped at the shop and got food.

Overall, drama in TY has been great and I have learned a lot. I am now more confident and my communication skills are lot better. I think this was a very beneficial thing to do and I would highly recommend anyone to take part in a play.dd