sAs part of TY, we have to do two weeks of work experience. Our first week began on the 13th of February and finished on the 17th of February. For my work experience, I organized a job with Raccoo Shellfish Ltd. Raccoo Shellfish is an Oyster Farm which exports its products to France. The owner of the company is William Britton, my boss.I had a great time working for this company as it was a new experience and I learned a lot.

Day 1-Monday 13th of February

I began work at 8 AM and I met with the boss William Britton. He began by showing me the facilities and the different jobs that can be found there. Then, he showed me the “Big Red Book” and how to use it. He showed me the different creditors and debtors he had and how they should all have an invoice and a method of payment. He also showed me how to use the different books such as the sales and purchases day book. After he had given me this demonstration he set me on my first task, to look at his accounts for 2016 and make sure that they all balanced. I did this until 11 AM  and I went to lunch in Donegal Town. Lunch finished 12 AM and I was then told to put on oil skins, wellies and old warm clothes. My boss then taught me had to grade an oyster, I learned that the long shells and the open shells should be thrown out. I did this for Four hours and then I was free to go. Overall, I enjoyed my first day of work experience.

Day 2- Tuesday 14th of February

Once, again I began work at 8 AM, however, today I was asked to put on my gear and go straight on the table to grade the oysters. I did this until 11 AM and during this time I met some of the other workers. I then went for lunch until noon. When, I arrived back, I was told to get ready to go on the shore. So, I put on my protective clothing and jumped on the trailer. I was told we were going to be taking a load in for exporting. So, we went down to the shore and I was taught how to hook and unhook an oyster bag on and off a trestle. Once we ahd collected the load, I went back to grading until 4 PM. This day was full of very manual work and I was tired after it.

Day 3-Wednesday 15th of February

I began work later today, at 9 AM. The first thing, I was asked to do was to make up a Health and Safety Statement for the company. In order to do this, I did lots of research on the different aspects of oyster farming that could lay risk to injury. I looked at the different hazards of driving a forklift/tractor, using machinery and manual lifting. Once, I had done the necessary research, I began writing up the  health and safety statement. It went well and then I printed and stapled it. I finished work at 2 PM.

Day 4-Thursday 16th of February

I was once again back to work at 8 AM, I was in the office for the morning and was asked to do photocopying. Once, that had been complete, I got quotations together as my employer had a meeting with a machinery company. I was allowed to sit in on the meeting. They talked about prices and different machines. I found it interesting and afterwards we went for lunch. We got back at 12:30 from lunch and we went out on the shore to collect another load to grade. Once, that was done I graded oysters for the rest of the day.

Day 5-Friday 17th of February

I started work at 8 AM and was asked to grade for the morning. After at 11 AM, I went for lunch. It finished at 12 PM and I was then asked to use the bagger. This consisted of pressing a button on a machine, filling a bag with oysters and hooking it close. After, this I was asked to brush up all the oyster shell and clean the doors. This was a difficult day as it was very tiring.

Thoughts & Opinion

I thought that this work experience was very beneficial as I was given a range of different jobs and chores to do. This ranged from accounting, administrative duties, computer work, manual labor ( grading, bagging, hooking) and cleaning. As you can see, I learned a lot and it was an overall, fabulous experience.