In personal development, we were asked to do a project looking into the points, success rate, project percentage and relevant courses of the different subjects in the Leaving Certificate.


There is a new point system in the leaving cert and now no longer looks at A1, A2 etc. but instead uses H’s. The point system looks as follows:

Success Rate:

These are the subjects I might do and  the number of A’s that came out of them in 2016.

Higher Level

English-9%          Maths-11%          Irish-13%          Geography- 9%   French- 13%         Physics-21%       Chemistry-20%    Biology-14% D.C.G.- 11%          Accounting-20%

Project Percentage:

These are the subjects which have both coursework and exams:

  • Geography consists of 20% coursework and 80% written exam.
  • D.C.G. consists of a project worth 40% and a written exam worth 60%.

Relevent Courses:

  • Many courses in colleges and universities across the country have subject requirements. This can range from sciences to languages. For example: for the majority of university courses you need a foreign language such as French or German. You also need at least one science to do a course in physio therapy.
  • You are also advised to keep on subjects for different courses. For example: If you would like to do a course on business and accounting, a college would advise you to do these subjects, especially account as much of the first year course is coved in Leaving Cert. Also if you want do engineering you should keep on the relevent subjects such as D.C.G. and engineering.