images (1).jpgOpen Day in Coláiste Cholmcille took place on Tuesday the 7th of February. The sixth class students were coming in to view the school  and in order for it to run smoothly the TY’s were given different jobs. I was given the job to help teach some french to the sixth class students.I found this both intimidating but exciting as it was a new experience and I was nervous to talk in front of the class.

We began preparations for the classes on Monday the 6th of February. We decided that we would teach them the colours and the numbers in french as we felt it would be easy enough to learn and it would be good revision for those who we had already taught. The lesson plan included a slideshow, games and videos. We also decided we would get brioche for them to try as it is a type of french food and we felt that it would help to immerse them in the culture. Once we had completed this, we were asked to make a poster on the french lessons that we had given the students. By its completion, I felt that it looked very well.

When Tuesday arrived, we were given our timetable and found that we were only teaching two french classes. So, we organised the classroom and were set for our first lesson which began at 10:30. The lesson went very well and we were all happy with the outcome because the sixth class looked like they enjoyed it and seemed to have learned a small bit of french. After we had finished the lessons, we went to the art room and made streamers for build a bank. Overall, the day was a huge success as from hearing from the other students it was clear that the sixth class had a great day and that our school was represented well.

After Open day had finished, it was time to begin preparations for open night in which the parents would get a chance to look around the school and meet some of the teachers. Open Night began at 7 pm and  it started with a video and speech made by the principle Mr.Keogh. For the night, I had volunteered to be a guide and this involved showing the parents around the school. I was paired with Katie Slevin and Ms.Garvey. We went to various rooms including the woodwork, metal, H.E. and T.G. rooms. After we had completed our tour, there was refreshments and music for everyone. The night was great and everyone left in high spirits.

As you can see, Open day and Night was a great success and our school was represented phenomenally. All we can do now is hope that they will attend our school next year.91506v-320-x-160