bDuring December, our french teacher Ms.Campbell asked a group of us to organise a french taster course for the sixth class students of our locality. In total there were ten TY students involved with the course and they included Katherine McClay, Ríonach Sheerin, Katie Slevin, Enya Gallagher, Caoilfhinn McGee, Ben Hunter, Donagh McGowan, Ceálan Walsh, Ciarán Hodgins and myself.

After chatting with Ms.Campbell, we felt it was best to split into two groups of five. Then we were ready to begin with preparations. First, we began by  planning the course which would take place over a period of 4 weeks and begin at the start of January. It consisted of four 60 minute lessons in which we would teach the students basic conversational French. In doing this course, we hoped to give the sixth class students a taste of French in preparation for their first year in secondary school.

After, making a lesson plan, we began contacting the different primary schools to see if they were interested in taking up our offer of a French Taster Course. The schools that replied and wanted to be involved were the Four Masters Kinlough, Creevy N.S., Robertson N.S., St. Ernan’s N.S., Kilbarron N.S., Holy Family N.S., Rockfield N.S. and Scoil Chaitríona. Once that had been done, we organised a time and a day in which we could start the course.

The first lesson the sixth class students participated in was “An Introduction To French”. In this lesson we taught English words with french origins, greetings, basic conversation and the numbers from 1-10. This lesson was a great success as we found that the students thoroughly enjoyed it. This was because we had combined the perfect amount of play with learning as it meant they were having fun but also reinforcing what they’d been taught. Lastly, we found that it calmed our nerves as we did not have any previous experience in teaching prior to this course.

The second lesson was titled “About Me!” and in this lesson we taught the sixth class the numbers from 11-20 and how to say your name, age and where you live. This lesson was great as we found both the sixth class and ourselves learned a lot and became more confidant as we got to know each other.

The third lesson was titled “I like…” and it included a slide on the colors, food, sport and I like/ don’t like. In this lesson we revised the previous lessons and then continued to teach the new vocabulary. We found that the students were beginning to pick up the words and pronunciation quicker. This made us very happy as we were glad they were taking what we taught in.

The fourth and last lesson was called “The Big Quiz” and it consisted of the animals, I have/don’ have and a big revision quiz which included everything that we had taught. This was a great experience as the students were full of excitement having been split into teams with their peers.

Overall, this was a great experience and I gained and improved many skills such as organisational, communication and listening skills. ddddd.jpg