imagesOn Thursday the 19th of January, the TY students participated in an M.O.G. Car Course. The course took place in a trailer in the New Hall Car park. The man who was running the course was called Michael.

The course was very interesting and although it was about a very serious topic, Michael managed to make it very enjoyable. The talk consisted of lots of useful safety information about cars and some stories of car accidents. The safety information included how you should always tighten your seat belt before starting your engine, you should place your hands at 9 and 3 rather then 2 and 10 and lastly it is your responsibility to be a mature and good driver as you are not just putting yourself at risk but the passengers too. We also heard many stories about accidents such as one about a  young boy who killed his friend as he was not a responsible driver.

This talk was very educational and interesting as I learned a lot of good facts about driving, especially the responsibilities. This talk was also very easy to listen to as Michael made it funny as well.The talk was an overall success and it captured our attention for just over an hour.images-1