gg.jpgOur third module was metalwork and we began it after the the Christmas Break. Mr. Kennedy was our teacher. In this module, the task set out was to make a handmade copper wire bracelets. In order to make the bracelets, we needed copper wire, beads, pliers  and a  steel ruler. The project took 4 classes to complete and I found both enjoyable and interesting.

We began the task by watching a video on how to make the bracelets. After, we began the preparations by getting 4 thin pieces of copper wire and 1 piece of thick copper wire. Once that was complete, we began moulding the wire into shape  for the clasp. Then, we chose our beads and added them to the wire in a twisting pattern. The colour palette I chose was blues and my bracelet consisted of 4 small beads, 6 medium beads and 1 large bead. Once all my beads were in place, I again moulded my wire into a finishing clasp. This was the final step of the project an d i was left with a beautiful copper bracelet.

I thoroughly enjoyed this module and it was by far my favourite one so far as I liked how we mixed  elements of both design with craftsmanship.