Day One:

Our journey to Morocco began on the 1st of December 2016. We began on a bus to Dublin Airport which left Ballyshannon Bus Depo at 09:30. We met with the rest of the Irish team at the airport  and checked in our bags. After we wandered around the duty free until it was  time to board the plane. My seat put me beside Maia Monaghan and Jack Clohessy and we were full of great excitement. Once we arrived in Marrakesh, we had a three hour bus ride to Agadir to look forward to. However, before we could leave we accidentally broke a window of one of our vans, so we had to go and get it covered up. This took us an hour, so we left for Agadir at 00:00. We stopped at a shop and got some food and continued on. The trip truly showed us how different a country Morocco is as we saw many interesting things including lorry’s filled to the brim, car crashes, public displays of violence and many interesting aspects of their  culture. Once we arrived, we went to our hotel, however, we ended up being upgraded to a hotel called the “Anezi Hotel”. So, we made our way there and on intrusion we were given our dinner and rooms. It was an exciting day of travel and our beds were welcomed at 04:00.

Day Two:

On the Friday, we checked out the possible competition sites of Agadir Main beach and Anza Beach. We ended getting in at Anza and had a really fun surf. It was about 1-2 foot and clean. The Spanish team were out with us while we were surfing and they were ripping, you could really see how much higher the standard was there.

Day Three:

On Saturday the 3rd of December, the opening ceremony for the “Euro Juniors” took place. There was a great atmosphere at the ceremony and it helped to truly immerse us into Moroccan culture.  We met camels and there was a parade which included all seventeen teams and it was full of drums and Moroccan dancers. Also, there was lots of chants and photos. The parade finished at a huge hall where the event was open with the pouring of the sand. After that, we were all in great spirits and were ready for the competition to begin.

Day Four:

This was the opening day of competition and the lads were it the water. It was a very wild day on Anza Beach, with the waves big and all over the place. Our body boarders did very well with all making it through round 1. The surfers also put up a good performance and we finished the day with meditation and a foam roll.

Day Five:

I surfed my first heat on Monday, the waves were smaller and more manageable. I was it a heat with a Scottish, Moroccan and English girl. I came 2nd in my heat meaning I got through to round Two. My friend Maia also got through and we were both very happy.

Day Six:

I had my round 2 heat today and I was up against tough competition with Germany and Holland in my heat. During this heat, I tried, but it wasn’t enough as the other to girls completed many manoeuvres including lay-backs and snaps. Although, I was disappointed, I was happy as my friend ,made it through to round three and I also still had repercharge 3 to look forward to.

Day Seven:

This was a recovery day for me, so, I was not surfing. This was good for me as I had got heat stroke the previous day and was not in good shape. For that day, i went and supported my team and cheered them on!

Day Eight:

I had my Rep 3 heat and it was very tight. There was a priority call and I almost made it through but I didn’t make it, so, I was knocked out. So, I was ready to support the rest of the team who were still in.

Day Nine:

I had a poor day on Friday as I had a high fever, so, I slept majority of the day.

Day Ten:

Everyone except one of our body boarders were put out so we ere finished early. We went to Anchor point and had a blast! We went for pizza and ice cream and overall had a great day!

Day Eleven:

Day eleven was finals day and we had one surfer left Maia Monaghan! She had made it to the female u-18 Bodyboard final. she ended up coming 4th place and made our team proud.