tWe began watching the film “Les Choristes” on the 26th of September in French Class. The film was directed by  Christophe Barratieris and is very touching, comic, poignant and thought-provoking. It is character driven and truly captivates the audiences attention from the moment it begins. The film follows the story of a new supervisor, Clement Mathieu, who arrives at Fond de l’etang boarding school for underprivileged boys.

The film depicts a harrowing  picture of the post-war education system in France. This is down to the fact  the school is run by Headmaster, Monsieur Rachin, a particularly cold character who is very rigid and unsympathetic in his application of rules. His character is in direct contrast with Clement Mathieu, a lowly supervisor. Mathieu is a far more lovable character as he presents a more attractive and humane way of educating and dealing with the children.  Mathieu also injects humor and hope into an otherwise somber film through his sense of purpose and progression with the potentially difficult children. This lightens the entire atmosphere of the film and it helps to engage the audience on another level.

The director,Christophe Barratier,has truly made a masterpiece and has ingeniously captured each and every character  throughout the film. We build magnificent relationships with each character and this purely derives from his emotional input onto each and every one of them.

This film is fantastic and I would highly  recommend  it. It is thoroughly enjoying and each individual aspect of this film will have you captivated.y