dOn the 17th of November, our class took part in a drama competition in the Balor Arts in Ballybofey. We took part in this competition as part of our Drama and Theatre Class. The play we chose was an adaptation of a Marina Carr play called “By The Bog Of Cats”.

We began preparations for this play in early October and we were given our  parts soon after. I was given the part of “The Catwomen” who was a wise but mad old women who lived on the bog. Though my part was small, I had both comedic and serious scenes throughout the play. The cast consisted of 16 people with Eimear Gilroy playing the protagonist of the play, Hester Swain. We were avidly practicing our parts prior to the competition and were even doing rehearsals after school.

Two weeks before the competition, we were told to bring in our costumes. Mine consisted of a long black skirt, a rugged jumper and cardigan, a fur hat, a wooden walking stick and an old pair of Docmartins. After this we began full dress rehearsals and once we were happy with our performance, we were ready for the competition.

We arrived at the Balor Arts Center early in order to get into costume and makeup. Once we were finished we went into the audience so that we could watch the other plays. The first play on was about Church and it was good. The next play was the other play from CCBS and theirs was called “Check Please”, it was filled with great acting and costumes. Lastly, we took the stage and it went very well with everyone remembering their lines and acting well. Afterwards, the prizes were announced and we came third as Maura Logue hated the adaptation of our play. Fiona Gillespie who played “Mrs. Kilbride” won an acting award it was overall a great night.