notebooks7.jpgOur first module this year was Art and it very enjoyable. The teacher we had was Ms. Kelly. The project we partook in consisted of making your own scrapbook.

We began our project by coming up with a design and once that was complete we were ready to begin the creation part of our project. So, I designed the back and front cover on an A3 sheet. My design was of a water colour sun, moon and boat. After that was done we cut up cardboard in the shape of the two covers and stuck them together using the spine and tape. Then, I sewed the sheets of my scrapbook together and stuck them to the covers. After this all that needed to be done was to cut out our initials and stick them to our scrapbook. We were then left with a beautiful hand made scrapbook.

I found this module very enjoyable and interesting as I had done art previously in third year and also as I learned how to make a