olympicamathA maths relay quiz took place for periods four, five and six on the 26th of October for all third year students. Our TY class  were involved with the organization and preparation of this relay quiz. This quiz took place because our school wanted to do something interactive and fun with the third year students for maths week.

Once we had set a date, we began our preparations for the quiz by listing the jobs that we had to complete in order for the maths relay quiz to be successful. I was put in the Advertising group with Katie Slevin and we started to design a poster and a note to promote the quiz. Once that was completed we had them printed and put up around the school. We also handed the notes to the third year class tutors, so that they could announce it in tutor class. Once we had finished with advertising and everyone else had done their jobs, we were ready for the quiz to begin!

So on Wednesday the 26th of October, we set up the hall for the quiz. The set up consisted of five doubles tables for each marker, team names taped to the ground and a score table. Once everything was ready the third years began to filter in and we began our quiz at 11:15. I  was asked to be a marker and it was my job to tell the teams whether they right or wrong and could move onto the next question. the teams had to answer the sixteen questions correctly in order to win. Once four of the teams had finished we had a prize giving, where the first four teams got goodie bags with sweets and drinks. I had to announce the winners and the microphone. The prize giving was followed by music and there was a great vibe to the atmosphere.

The quiz was great success and I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in it.