fOn Thursday the 20th of October, we had two speakers come in from Bank Of Ireland to talk to us about internet safety. Their names were Paula and Roisin. The talk began at 10AM and lasted  50 minutes. The talk consisted of a PowerPoint presentation about Internet Safety and advertising through the internet. It was very educational and also interesting. I learned facts including how Facebook  has the highest number of users at 1.7 billion profiles and how when advertising you use different social networking podiums for the different age groups.

We were also shown a video by Paula about how a hacker can access nearly all of your personal details from your bank account to your fathers mobile number to your mothers maiden name. Paula also talked to us about about hackers and how they can commit credit card fraud and steal your identity. This talk was very thought provoking and  I learned a lot. Also I will now be a lot more careful when I am online!f