images (1).jpgOn Tuesday 11th of October, the TY’s attended a Road Safety Talk in the Aura Leisure Centre, Letterkenny.  The talk began at 11AM and it lasted two hours, meaning it finished at 1PM. The talk was very educational, however, it was also very hard hitting and it left many emotional.

The show consisted of many speakers including; a guard, a fireman, a nurse, the mother of the deceased and a survivor. Each of these people talked from their own perspectives during and after a road accident. For example the guard chatted of how hard it was to tell the parents about the death of their child and how he was constantly reminded of their deaths when he saw his own children. The firemen talked of how he had to cut people from cars and how they were always on high alert. The nurse spoke of the grievous and sometimes fatal injuries she has had to deal with following an accident. The mother talked of her anguish after finding out about her deceased child. Lastly, the survivor spoke to us about the hardships and regrets he had after losing his ability to walk.

I felt that this talk was very thought provoking and it was very captivating from beginning to end.I leaned a lot and I will now always be aware of the dangers of the road and I also hope to spread this newly found awareness in order to reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities. So I hope everyone can remember to Stop, Think and Act!g