Fire-safety.jpgOn Monday the 10th of October, the TY’s had a talk in the Mercy Hall on Fire Safety. The talk began at 09:30 and lasted an hour. The speakers who came in were Cíaran Drummond and Conal Keane from the Ballyshannon Fire Station. They came as it was Fire Safety Week and they wanted to chat to us about fire protocol and prevention methods. It was very educational and I learned a lot.

The talk began with fire prevention methods such as how you should shut all the doors before you go to bed and how you should turn off all plugs when they aren’t being used. We also learned of the most common causes of fire and these included chimney fires and radiator/heater fires. They then moved onto the various methods in which you can use to extinguish fires.These included fire extinguishers, fire blankets and water. Lastly, they  spoke to us about the protocol we should take in the event of a big fire such as evacuating the building and phoning either 112 or 999. They also mentioned how their response time to calls was five minutes and that they were prepared no matter what.

This talk was very interesting and though, i already knew must of what they had covered, it was very good to be reminded of it as fire is not something you should mess with.