C.jpgOn Wednesday the 5th of October, we began preparations for the Ballyshannon Carnival. We began by painting the windows around the town, I was in  a group with Lucy Ryan and Kate Waters. It was our job to paint  Rooney’s Window and we painted a silhouette of an army man on top of an Irish Flag as the Carnivals theme was “War 100 years ago”. The painting took about 5 hours to complete as  we had to first buy supplies and plan our artwork. It was a great success at first, however, it peeled the next day due to a chemical  used on the windows and we had to repaint it. After all the windows were painted, the town looked great and was ready for the carnival.

On Thursday the 6th of October, we had a carnival workshop. The workshop began with Maura Logue splitting us into two groups, I was placed in the first group who were due to make hats.So, we went to the long room and began making hats, I made one with Lana Branley and it was covered in ribbon and flowers. We did this until 11AM and then went for break. After, we joined the second group and began to learn the routine for the night. It consisted of  three group which included the Irish fighters, the Irish fighting for Britain and the people who stay at home. I was  put in the group who stayed at home and then, was taught a song called “Hey ho nobody home”. The Workshop was a great experience, however, I was unable to attend the carnival so I did not go to the second day of workshops. The carnival took place on the Saturday and was a great success!14500421_1425875257429176_2712115125616748662_o.jpg