ger-carey-main-image-2014On Tuesday the 27th of September, the TY’s traveled to Sligo and attended Ger Carey’s one man show “Psycho Spaghetti”. The show took place in the Hawks Well Theater and it was a comedy. It began at eleven AM and lasted two hours and thirty minutes.

The show was based on the age old question, “What really goes on inside a teenagers’ mind?”. Using this, Carey managed to produce a show that was not just hilarious but insightful and relevant too. He used funny puns, innuendos and jokes which, overall made for a comical atmosphere. His content included; comparing our school jumpers to blueberries, talking about previous shows, school and a teenagers thoughts on love.

As you can see, the show was magical and I would highly recommend it as it was not just entertaining but it also taught us to laugh at ourselves.