unaOn Tuesday 20th of September, our class had a talk with Danielle about Gender Equality and Human Rights. We began the talk  by learning about our rights and she showed us the Declaration Of Human Rights. After, we played a game where she gave us pieces paper with a description of a person, then she asked us questions about them and if the question corresponded with the person, we took a sweet. My description was of a sixteen year old girl who has to care for her disabled father and at the end of the game, I had four sweets. This taught me that although we all have rights, not everyone receives them. We then split into groups and were asked to state whether the silhouette shown was a male or female, this was to teach us that image doesn’t define who we are. Lastly in our groups, we were told to take on the persona of either a male or female and we were asked questions. Our group got a female persona and from this exercise I learned  that we shouldn’t follow stereotypes but be our own person. Overall, the talk was very interesting and I learned a lot.